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Euroboozer Availability & COVID-19 Update 1st May 2020

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EDIT ** We're back to normal-ish trading now folks... to see our latest delivery days and availability click here

Hi Guys

We hope, more than ever, that blog finds you all safe and well at the moment.
Obviously, we’re feeling a lot of your pain at the moment but as we ‘settle into lockdown’ we thought we’d give you all an update of what is going on.
It's been heart-warming to see some of you still open and operating and it’s been good to see many of you thriving, whether you have been buying beer from us or not, it doesn’t really matter.
Not much has changed for us since the first week. We are still operating, albeit with a very skeleton team. We’re here to help if you need and still have a great range of beers as always from our partners and UK brewers alike.
We are still implementing all of the extra measures that we told you about in March to ensure everyone’s safety. However, with a lot of our customers closed at the moment, we have tried to reduce deliveries to one day per week in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus even further.
At the moment, we’re only able to service London directly with our own vans with our usual £150 minimum delivery. Any deliveries outside of London are being serviced through our pallet network. Minimum order here for free delivery is 45 full cases (bottles of 20 or 24). For every case ordered under this threshold, there will be a £1 + Vat delivery charge so, if you order 15 cases, the delivery charge is £30. If you order 35 cases, the delivery charge is £10, etc.
Our current stock lists are being updated on a weekly basis. You can find links below. Any can or bottle stock on here with a BB date of less than 3 months will get a 20% discount.
Keep checking the links to see updated stock.
We hope to see you for a beer soon!
All the best,
Martyn Railton
Euroboozer Limited

How to Contact Us During Lockdown

Please note that we are working on a skeleton staff, the office is not manned, and most staff are on furlough.

Orders must be placed by email to the following address:
London orders by midday Monday for Wednesday delivery please.

Account enquiries and anything else can be directed to:

View our stocks via this Dropbox file buttons below. These links update and will show the latest available stock figures. We aim to update these weekly. Any items in RED have a shorter shelf life, please add 20% discount to these.

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