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European Lager Pre Order

November 2020

· Beer Availability,Czech,Lager

We've been working on something BIG and it's now LIVE!

Welcome to our new European lager pre order. The innaugrual list has almost 40 of our favourite Czech, Bavarian and Austrian beers to choose from. We're aiming to have these beers delivered to you in early December (w/c 7th). Orders via the online form, please make sure you have an account, and if you do NOT have a credit facility with us yet then please ensure you order in plenty of time to be able to pay 50% by Friday at 1pm (remember we need to process your order to send a payment request!)

From Bavaria we have Garrett Olivers' favourite Helles lager Andechs vollbier, we have the iconic Ausgustiner, mountain brewery Tegernseer, Weiss beer specialists (yes, it's not all lager!) Gutmann and something rather special from Riedenburger...

From the Czech Republic we have four stunning independent breweries. Albrecht, Kanec, Kutna Hora and Bohemia Regent. There's a mix of lager styles including some dark and semi-dark with one or two surprises thrown in.

Last, but by no means least, a selection of owner Martyn's favourites from Austria, the beer country Euroboozer was founded upon. A stunning Helles from craft brewer Bevog, Pilsner from Hirter, traditional Austrian Marzen from Murauer, lots of our favourites from Schremser, 500ml bottles from Stiegl and a couple of classics from Trummer...

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