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Christmas Delivery Schedule

And a Christmas note form Martyn

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Merry Christmas Guys!!

I feel like the year has only just started to be honest and yet, I find myself writing another Christmas letter. I think this is the 16th one which I also cannot believe. I didn’t write one in the first year, it would have been like shouting in an echo chamber!

We’re still no further along with Brexit, and Trump is still there somehow too so it’s hardly surprising we’ve sold more beer again (and by some considerable margin) this year than ever before, which is nice.

Well, that’s what I wrote last year … some things never change eh?

Whilst we had an about turn with our team during 2018 and I said that I haven’t been this happy with a team before, I’m glad to say it’s paid off. Almost everyone is still here. We’ve added a Stiegl Ambassador in Jess Mason, Mark has come into the office whilst Steph briefly flirted with another company before seeing the light. We added Tom Lane to the London streets in May and are starting to open up ‘The North’ with Andy Spencer coming on in October. In addition, Anthony our new driver started a few weeks ago. I’m happy to say that our team feels even better this year!

We’re still only a small team though and we would have no team at all if it were not for you guys putting your trust in us and in the beers we supply. I am truly humbled that you guys choose to spend your money with us. The business you give us helps us all to keep a roof over our heads and our families fed and watered and for that, no matter how big or small, we are truly grateful. THANK YOU!

Hopefully we’ve given you some good brews to choose from this year. We’ve gone nuts for lager again, adding traditional Czech and German breweries along with To Øl from Denmark. Harpoon, Captain Lawrence and other US rotational beers have also come into the stable.

Moving on to our delivery schedule over the silly season, they will remain as normal up until 20th December. Please refer to our newsletter for more information or have a look at the schedule attached. Deliveries will be limited on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th so let us know by 14.00 on Friday 20th if you need one. Please could we ask that orders for the week commencing 16th December are with us by 17.00 on Monday 16th December to help us organise the week and make sure everyone gets what they are after.

We will have a limited number of delivery slots available between Christmas and the New Year. These will be made on Friday 27th and Monday 30th December.

Please have a look at the schedule if you are interested in booking one of these slots:

  • Please request one by 17.00 on Monday 16th December (they will be allocated on a first come first serve basis) by emailing
  • Please place your final order for these slots by emailing no later than 14.00 on Monday 23rd December to confirm delivery.
  • The office closes at midday on 24th December and re-opens at 09.00 on 2nd January

The cut off to make orders for pallet deliveries is MIDDAY on Monday 16th December in order to ensure that we can arrange delivery to you before Christmas.


For those of you who have big cellars, stocking up the weeks before Christmas would be really advisable and of course massively helpful.


Thank you dearly once again for your business this year. We all wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


All the very best, 
Martyn Railton

Euroboozer Limited

Christmas Office Hours

  • Up until December 19th: 9am to 5:30pm as normal
  • Friday December 20th: 9am to 3pm (closing early for our office Christmas party)
  • Monday December 23rd: 9am - 5:30pm
  • Tuesday December 24th: 9am to Midday
  • December 25th - Wednesday January 1st OFFICE CLOSED
  • Thursday January 2nd: Back to Normal

Delivery Days / Warehouse opening Schedule

  • Up until December 20th: As normal
  • Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th:
    Anywhere within London (orders by 2pm Friday)
    Normal Mon / Tues outside London (orders by 2pm Friday) - (Birmingham/Notts & Brighton/South Coast)
  • Christmas Day / Boxing Day CLOSED - No Deliveries
  • Friday 27th
    Within London Pre-Booked deliveries only
    Bristol/Bath/Oxford Pre-Booked deliveries only
    Leeds / Shefiield Pre-Booked deliveries only
  • Monday 30th
    Within London Pre-Booked deliveries only
    Reading/AL & TW Postcodes Pre-Booked deliveries only
    Manchester / Liverpool Pre-Booked deliveries only
  • Tuesday 31st & Wednesday 1st January CLOSED - No Deliveries
  • Thursday 2nd January - Back to normal
    Cambridge, CR, SW, SM, KT, TW, W, UB & WD postcodes
  • Friday 3rd January - Back to normal
    Bristol, Bath W, NW, HA & AL postocdes

What does Pre-Booked Delivery mean?
We will have a limited number of Delivery Slots available in between Christmas & New Year on the days listed above

  • Slots will be booked on a first come first serve basis. When we're full, we're full!
  • You can book your slots from NOW!
  • You don;t need to place your order to book your slot.
  • Orders will be needed by 2pm Monday 23rd December

If you are concerned about supply to your business over the Christmas Period or have any requests for deliveries outside those listed above then PLEASE get in touch ASAP and we will ensure we find a solution.

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